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Ten fundamental questions to hiring an application developer

In today's technology market, the importance of apps is increasing day by day.

Whereas, the competition between different App Development Companies sets a very high bar. In

order to meet the complicated and different needs of customers, they are making various

innovations to make sure they have a huge market by their side.

Whereas, this increased demand in the market leads to getting more manpower for the

developers so no delay would occur and you could provide daily updates on those apps

before their deadline. All this can be done when you have efficient app developers in your

mobile app development company.


Which now becomes the hardest job to do as there are only limited positions to fill and 10

times your candidate would be available for an interview. So it really comes down to asking

tough, of course, proper and proper questions during the interview. Why is a completely

different difficulty level really preferred? By hiring an app developer, you can make it easier

for the interviewer to analyze your behavior, how you react to the question, and which one of

them would be a good fit for that position.


Alongside those questions, you can reflect that where the candidates apply is really the

dominant representative of this technology market. But when it came to the process of hiring

an app developer the company should have taken into account when doing the interview of

course if your company is the one that developed it probably what those points would be but

if it's not as developed or If you're not a technical person, have a look at the following points:-

Well, these were some key features to consider when hiring, the rest you can take ideas

from. But now the main thing is what and what questions you should really ask candidates 

don't worry we got you covered as these questions below can help you out of this confusion.


  1. Can you provide examples of mobile applications that you have developed?


This specific question can make it easier for you to realize whether this candidate who comes

here, would he have experience or not? Why is it so? Well, because by the time they hear

this question they'll be excited to show you data from their previous work that used to play

their part in this development process.

If it was from the App Store development company or the main android app development

company or any other software. What can assure you of your past performance in assigned

tasks? If you find someone who is inexperienced, then it is a matter of judging their quality by

the way they speak, and also by their honesty.


  1. What kind of smartphone do you use?


The basic single, but it can be more revealing than the previous one. As you get to know the

particular candidate, how much dedication their own developed applications show. Or if you

are talking about newbies, then he/she must be assertive with their specific applications and

they must have known about your interests for your company.


Simply, if they were used to working at Apple App Providers then he must have an iPhone

and if he is from Android App Development Providers then of course they should have an

Android compatible device. And with those applications they have to be like while they use

them, they just play with them. As in a time of uncertainty, every company, even if it is a mobile application development

company, faces problems that would be unavoidable. Therefore, all your trades must be done

in a hurry.


Then, from their explanation, they would give you to simplify their words and make it really

understand how long it would take them to complete the project. And how would they

deal with all the technical problems (if any)? And most importantly, could they develop an app

with the provided development costs?


 3. For which companies have you created applications?


If you are really interested in the hiring experience, by reading the question you can identify


4. How you can exemplify the precise performance of your candidate by having more

revelations from the candidate himself. Well, we can see that the size of any company makes

a big difference between them, even if they provide the same service.

Where we can develop a process, it can be in most comparisons, but what makes them

different is having meetings, the specific techniques of the mentioned project, the

management style and the formal documentation. So, if you match your candidate whom you

worked with at the same level as yours, then it can be easy not only for you but also for the

the candidate as he/she would be familiar with the same environment.


  1. How can I earn money with my application?


The real MVP question to ask is to gauge how efficient your candidate can be. Well, for sure all

app developers want to earn some revenue from their apps,


  1. How will we communicate during the development process?


Referring to the second point we mentioned earlier about communicating with your

developer. As communication plays an important role in this whole development process. So,

to ensure the best quality for your app, it really depends on how much you invest in it.

And how will you communicate to your developer according to your choice? Can it be in

person or by Skype, by email? Or instant messaging or any other mode of communication so

that there are no obstacles throughout this entire development process.


  1. What technological services do you offer? Are you


versatile or do you have a proven specialization?

While during the application developer hiring procedure, you need to know all the skills

that the candidates perceive in a single conversation with him/her. Failure to do so can lead

to time-consuming tasks assigned to them or additional costs if you know it can be done

within your walls rather than outsourced. So knowing them from A to Z will give you a solid

confirmation of where your specific candidate stands.


  1. How well would they understand your business and how well would your customers understand it?


It is very important to let your candidate know how much they know not only about your

business but also about your customers. If he/she had less knowledge or nothing, then it

would be like giving them tuition, but you have to give them a salary for teaching. Strange,

isn't it? So you should choose the one who knows your work well and how you offer your

clients a good digital product so that your favorite position is maintained in the market.


  1. What will be your approach to user experience and design principles in application development?


Losing them can really result in loss. As the user can review your app on how they feel while

using it, it can affect your market in any way.


  1. Would you be able to develop applications for different application delivery platforms?


Fitting into a single platform can only provide you with limited customers. Therefore, you

should make sure when hiring that the developer must also be knowledgeable about other

platforms. Because the earnings on Android compared to the app store are lower as iOS

users tend to spend more on paid apps. Along with it, designing programs for an app store is

very different from coding. As an application program for iPhone, the performance is very

different from its own iPad.


In conclusion, we can say that we give you a lot of help with your recruitment procedure so

that you will not find it difficult to find a better and more suitable candidate. And from all the

above questions, it can be understood that even if you opt for the one with less experience,

then he must have proper knowledge of that particular field and he can make it easier for

you. So for you to have odds in your favor, then we think you should ask these 10

questions to get your best workforce. Since they can be useful to take you to the desired

goal. Perhaps to become one of the top Android app development service providers or

the top App Store development company


Do you want to gain light, amplitude, or continuity between the different environments? Renew the floor and show off your new floor! 


Renewing the ground is a reform ten. Why? Well, because it is the closest thing to a brand new apartment... but without moving! Before choosing the material, it is important that you are clear about what you want to achieve with the new floor: more light, create a feeling of spaciousness, add warmth, modernize your home...? Knowing what exactly you are looking for will make it much easier for you to hit the material and its tonality.


And yes, it is true that only with a new floor the change is radical, but it is still a small work. So that you don't get unexpected surprises, we have gathered some of the most important things you should know before undertaking the reform: the effects that you can achieve, the amount of the removal company to store the furniture, unforeseen expenses... And also the pros and cons of 5 different materials and their approximate cost.




More and more floors are being installed without having to remove the previous pavement. Only with that, you will see the duration of the reform, debris, dust, and noise (very important if you do not move during the works) reduce. But don't be fooled, there is an unavoidable part: remove the furniture and have the house turned upside down for at least a couple of days.




There is no fixed rule, but opting for a single floor for the entire house will make it look more spacious. If you unify colors and eliminate the profiles that separate each change of flooring, it will be easier to clean. But what about the kitchen and bathroom? Nowadays, even wooden floors – yes, make sure they can withstand humidity – are indicated for these rooms.




To change the floor, the furniture must be moved out of the way. You can do it yourself or hire a moving company to take care of everything: dismantle them, pack them, move them and store them in their warehouse. The whole process, with a couple of weeks of furniture storage included, could be worth around €1,800 for a flat of about 100 m 2 , according to Mudanzas Diagonal. To this price, you should add the fees for loading and unloading permits on public roads, which vary depending on each municipality.




Changing the floor is not just changing the floor. Have you thought about what you are going to do with the baseboards? The usual thing is to renew them and put others "to match" with the new floor. This entails an additional cost (calculate 5% of the price of the land) that you must take into account when making your budget. Another important point, and in which we often do not fall, are the doors. If you have installed the floor on top of the previous one, it is likely that you will have to lower them. The price can range between 70 and 100 euros per door, depending on whether they are new (less than 30 years old) or recovered since the process is more complex.




Aren't your accounts coming out? Don't despair, there are also good options for tighter pockets. The large surfaces of decoration and reforms, such as Ikea, Leroy Merlin, or Bauhaus, for example, usually have promotions and very tight prices. If the budget still shoots up, you can make up the floor you already have. For example, painting it. There are special plastic paints for all types of floors from 20 euros/m 2.


5 formulas to hit


Colour. Keep this in mind, because a light floor will give light and spaciousness; while a dark one will collect and give warmth to the environment.

Texture. Highly textured floors with many joints are often difficult to clean.

Touch. If you can't decide between one material or another, try it! Take off your shoes and feel the feel of them on your feet: it is the only test with which you will have a real sensation.


Resistance. If you have children, do not hesitate: put a laminate. It is resistant, suffered, and will withstand the trot of the little ones well.

Climate. If you live in a cold area, nothing better than wood. On the other hand, if it is hot, ally yourself with the coolness of stone or ceramics.



Before betting on natural wood, you should ask yourself the following question: do I mind if it is not always like the first day? If the answer is no, don't hesitate, because wood, as a natural product, transforms when it ages.


Rustic Provencal Dining Room in White with Hardwood Floor

Advantages. It is warm to the eye and to the touch and adds value to any space. It is ecological (make sure it has the FSC or PEFC certificate and the varnishes used are natural) and can be installed on the previous floor, as long as it is stable. It can be repaired without losing its beauty and with minimal maintenance, it can be a floor for life. If you choose a platform nailed to the ground, you also gain stability and minimize footfall noise.




To consider. As a living material that it is, it is not an unalterable floor, it evolves: it changes tone, imperfections appear due to bumps, scratches... Before deciding, you must assess it.


Price. From 75 euros/m 2 an oak flooring from Listone Giordano.



If you are looking for an off-road floor that does not require maintenance and is very hard-wearing, ceramic flooring is a very good option.


Passage area with natural stone floor and white wooden beams



It is very versatile and adapts to any decorative style thanks to its wide range of designs and finishes that mimic everything from natural stone to metal or cement.


To consider. You will have to live with the joints, although XXL formats are already on the market (in Porcelanosa there are 3 x 1 m). However, they are more expensive and delicate pieces to install, so it is advisable for a professional to be in charge of handling them. Breaking one of these tiles can be very expensive.


Price. From 30 euros/m 2, depending on the design and format, by Porcelanosa.

When to choose it? When you want natural, elegant, durable, and exclusive flooring, because no two are the same. You can choose it in different finishes, from raw or natural, which is very fashionable, to bright, which creates sophisticated and "luxurious" environments.


Bathroom with large window and vanity unit with countertop sink

Advantages. It is a sustainable pavement, no toxic products are used in its extraction or handling. It is hard and impact-resistant – granite more than marble –, easy to clean, and can be installed on top of the previous one.


To consider. The polished finish loses its shine over time and to get it back you will need to polish it again. Marble, and especially limestone -very porous-, are not recommended for the kitchen, as they are sensitive to stains and aggressive products. The granite is more suffered but, throughout the house, its marked drawings can get tiresome.

Do you like the look of wood but are looking for a cheaper option that is more prone to stains and scratches? Laminate is undoubtedly your best option. But you should keep in mind that, although cheaper, it is not as durable as wood.


White bedroom in royal estate with laminate flooring

Advantages. With the click system, it is easy to install (in one day a 100 m 2 floor can be ready ), it offers many finishes and does not discolor in the sun.


To consider. Being floating, it can produce a "drum effect" when walking, it cannot be repaired and it does not age.


Price. Quick-Step's Impressive laminate, from 27 euros/m 2.





It is the perfect option if you are looking for a continuous and unified floor for the whole house. And goodbye to the boards! Plus, you can even customize the color.


Dining room with the large window open to the garden and micro cement floor

Advantages. It is a continuous flooring and can be installed on top of the previous one –provided it is stable– without the need to lower the doors since it usually has a thickness of about 2-3 mm. It is important to bear in mind that the thinner the thickness, the greater its resistance, and not the other way around. Although there is a limited number of colors (in Topcret, 35) custom variations can be made. It is waterproof and its application is handmade, so each work is unique. It can be easily repaired and comes in various finishes: matte, satin (the most recommended option), glossy, and rustic (with a rougher texture).

5 Features to Look for When Choosing a Real Estate Rental Service

If you are considering using a real estate service for your holiday rental or apartment, there are some key features to look out for before making a commitment. You want the best possible service and at the same time make maximum profit for your holiday rental. Here are five key features that any real estate rental service should offer.


  1. Great customer service


Your guests will remember you by the service they receive during their stay in your villa, apartment, or holiday home. The real estate rental service you choose should provide excellent customer service and be able to provide testimonials from satisfied property owners. Your guests should arrive in a clean villa, house, or apartment.


If you are renting for a holiday, golf holiday, or another holiday, each guest should receive a welcome pack with directions to the property and useful information about the area. If you have an apartment for rent, tenants should be treated well. Rent collection, service maintenance, and assistance with local utilities and telephone configurations should be offered kindly and thoroughly. You may find a good real estate agent here New lenox Realtors

A real estate rental service should provide reliable cleaning management. You may live too far away to clean or run a cleaning service. If you live in England or the US, but your holiday home or apartment for rent is in Fuengirola, Mijas, Puerto Banus, you need a rental service that will take care of the cleaning. For holiday rentals and villa rentals, cleaning is required between each guest's stay and sometimes during the week or so stay. At holiday homes and villas, the lawn must also be maintained. Make sure this is included in your service.


  1. Key management, inventory, and detailed supplies


You may not be able to handle local grocery shopping for your vacation rental or condo rental. Therefore, the real estate rental service should be entrusted with these tasks. Some of the necessities to keep the rental property legally operational include key management, insurance, property taxes and fees, building permits or licenses, bank account management, telephone and utility services, billing, etc.


Another important area is the inventory. The furniture and other valuables in your apartment or villa rental should be kept on an inventory list and checked physically every time a guest leaves. If you live in another country but own a rental property such as Costa del Sol, Marbella, Ben Almudena, or any other area then you will of course need someone on-site to check your inventory for you. Choose a real estate rental service that offers these types of services to take your worries away while you are away.


  1. Building renovation and major repairs


Another feature to look for when renting out real estate is whether or not they offer to build renovation services and major repairs. The advantage of this is that the provider already has contacts to perform the necessary tasks. You don't have to spend endless hours finding a reliable contractor or handyman.


  1. Promote your apartment

Check if your property rental service is promoting your apartment or holiday rental. Promotions will increase your number of rentals and profits every year. A real estate rental service can handle your listings in local, national, and international locations. If they have a website, they can promote your vacation rental on the site. If you have a vacation rental near golf courses, make sure they advertise your rental from a "golf vacation" angle.


Keep these features in mind when looking for a real estate rental service. By choosing a service with great features, you can be sure that your vacation rental or apartment for rent is in good hands!

Design chairs for your home

The chairs are an object that attracts all eyes because their purpose does not support reviews yet the design seeks to give a tour of creativity with new materials, utilities and perspectives. The avant-garde of design has left us with mythical chair models that will always accompany us and that are already icons, and over time they reinvent themselves and come back to a life transformed into new proposals.



Flexibility and luxury


This chair not only has an original design reminiscent of origami figures, but it is polyhedral in its appearance and behavior. It is made of a special material that is waterproof and lightweight, adapts to outdoor and indoor use, and can be folded so that it takes up very little space. In addition, it is not too heavy, and so much so that it could be sent in a postal package as if it were a book. Still, the chair has a clever design that manages to support 160 kilos when unfolded. Its name also makes a play on words, since Flux tries to unite in one word the idea of ​​flexibility and luxury.


Utility, stability, and beauty


The design does not always look for impossible watermarks, it is also at the service of utility. This chair by Frank Ghery is called Wiggle, which in English means “wiggle” because it is built with perfect curves that ensure its stability despite being made of cardboard. The most interesting thing is that the upper straight, which acts as a backrest, can be lowered and a fourth curve is generated, and the chair in this way becomes a small table.


You may visit the following link for buying the luxury chair Wedding Throne Chairs Wholesale


Static movement


The achievement of this design is to generate such an organic and sinuous shape in a solid block of wood, a real technical challenge that at the same time generates stability and beauty. Its name is Ribbon which means “ribbon”, alluding to the meandering and moving sensation that the backrest transmits. As you can see, the chair is a single piece and the legs emerge from the seat in an organic and precise way.


Animal shapes on blunt wood


This model belongs to the Solos collection and has several variations to suit different decorations: the backrest varies, which plays with patterns and upholstery, and also plays with other textures on the seat cushion.


Avant-garde, luxury, and versatile utility


This type of chair is one of the most famous contributions of Brazilian design since it has established itself as an accessible and flexible luxury chair, which is capable of integrating into different environments, providing personality, and not resulting in excess. The armchair has different combinations and functions. It works like a nest when you want to immerse yourself in reading a good book. It also allows you to lie down like a crib and adjust the seat so that it works like a regular chair. As always, Lina Bo Bardi's creations play at interacting with the mood of the people who use her objects, and that makes them change.


Pure pop art


This chair entered the list of Danish objects that have established a canon in 2006, since its design in 1960 it has not gone out of style and has remained a standard of modern decoration and utility. One of the problems with designer chairs has always been the possibility of stacking them, but this chair allows you to join others easily and saving space. It is also the first chair to use molded plastic, and despite its popularity in the 1960s, its author, Verner Panton, began experimenting with plastic in 1950.




The timeless design of the famous Acapulco chair continues to be renewed and gives its aesthetics a new verve that is updated with the change in trends in colors and textures. It takes its name from the Hotel Acapulco, in Mexico, which was the place where the Hollywood stars of the 1950s who passed through the city stayed. There were these chairs of which the designer is not known and which is considered a Mexican cultural asset.


A postwar solution that is still latent


This chair design always seems modern despite the fact that it is a classic since it was born in 1948 by the hand of Charles and Ray Eames and was presented to the contest of the National Museum of Art of the United States. It was intended to find a design solution to the shortcomings of the postwar period and this chair has a low cost despite being very stable. Thanks to the fact that 70 years have passed since its creation, the design is in the public domain and for this reason, many similar chairs have emerged that update the classic concept and do not raise their price.



The Ibizan designer Eugeni Quitllet joined Starcks in 2009 to create this chair that is inspired by mythical models from the 1950s. The backrest is characterized by its interlocking and curvilinear recesses, which manage to generate visual confusion about the authentic perimeter of the seat. In 2010 this chair model was awarded the prestigious Chicago Athenaeum “Good Design Award”.

4 tips to choose the right type of floor for each environment

Choosing the flooring for a house is a moment of great deconcentration, however, seriousness must also be present, as the choice of the wrong material can result in problems in the future.


To prevent this from happening in your home, we have separated four tips for you to discover how to choose the best type of flooring for the rooms in your home. You are curious? Read this post and make your home more beautiful.


  1. Choose materials with durability

When choosing a floor for your home, don't just take into account the beauty, but also the durability of the material. A good floor is one that lasts a long time, withstands adversity, and manages to bring security and comfort to your family.


It's no use having a beautiful floor if it doesn't have durability and will cause problems for your home in the future. You may also be interested to buy flooring service here floors in Vancouver


  1. Buy the right material for each environment

A big mistake that most people make when buying a floor is to think that the material in the living room or bedroom is the same as in the kitchen and backyard. In fact, each model needs to fit the usability of the room.


Adequacy also refers to other important details such as the size of the room and the light inside. In other words: a small, dark room needs a different type of floor than a large room.


  1. Prefer easy-to-clean materials

Room functionality is another factor you need to consider when choosing the best flooring for your home. This is very important, as each space will have different maintenance.


The rule is this: a house with a wooden floor cannot be cleaned in the same way as a house with a tiled floor. So, when choosing, take this detail into account so you don't regret it in the future.


  1. Respect for safe floors

When you choose the right floor, it brings peace of mind to your family. Do not take into account the price of the material, but its safety, after all, it is better to invest in a non-slip and resistant model than in a beautiful one that can pose risks, isn't it?


But what is the ideal floor for each room in the house? See some options:




Without a doubt, the kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in the house. Due to this factor, it is essential to invest in resistant floors to ensure the safety of the entire family.


In the kitchen, choose types of enameled porcelain. They're beautiful, safe, easy to install, and at great prices. Avoid placing ceramic floors as they cause accidents.




Rough stones are the most suitable for the backyard of a house, as they are durable and non-slip. Another interesting option is the white São Tomé Stone, as it is resistant and does not heat up.


rooms and bedrooms


The bedrooms and living rooms of our house also deserve an elegant and secure floor. For these environments, choose warmer and more cozy models, such as laminates. They have three important features that are worth the investment:



After reading this article, we believe you will be more confident in defining your home's floor type. But before making any decision, research and compare the qualities of materials to ensure comfort, safety, and beauty for your environment.

Tools to create virtual tours of real estate

Since the pandemic began and social distancing has been mandatory, real estate companies have resorted to new technological solutions that allow them to maintain closeness with their clients and digitally continue the procedures for the purchase and sale of real estate.


The virtual or 360 ° tours have become one of the most popular instruments because they allow seeing the inside of a property without having to go to their physical location, enabling buyers the information needed and streamlining the process. Similarly, digital modeling better known as BIM (Building Information Modeling) makes it possible to create virtual tours even before you start building a home. matterport photographer near me


Before the health contingency, the use of virtual reality in the real estate sector was already listed as a trend, an example of this is that in November of last year, the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (Canada) signed an agreement with the 3D technology company BIMx, with the aim that its affiliated companies could implement it. 


Today, there are various startups dedicated to the creation of this type of service, such as the case of Floorfy, a Spanish company that announced that after confinement its customers increased by 50%. This indicates that more and more, the actors of the sector and private owners are interested in adopting new media.


On the other hand, although the use of virtual modeling software requires specialized equipment, companies such as Redfin and Matterport have launched mobile applications that allow access to this tool for anyone with a smartphone, making it possible to quickly and deeply capture data and images of space, just by pressing a button to generate a virtual 3D twin of any property.


there are various 3D scanning agencies focused on the real estate sector, such as Inmo360, InmobiliAR, RockHopper, Momentum, Scannen, among others, which also have applications for mobile devices.

6 Tips for Effective Performance Appraisal

Far beyond the training Analysis of the profession itself, it is important to think about the process as a whole. Here are some tips for applying performance appraisal in the best way:


set goals


Okay, you want to assess the performance of employees… But based on what?


That's when you sit down to define the goals of this process. Those in the performance and productivity indicators that will guide the evaluation.


It is important to have specific indicators for each sector, consistent with the daily routine of each professional.


In this way, it is possible to measure the progress (or setback) of employees, relating them to the company's goals.


Develop a strategy


The next step is to start with the evaluation strategy:


What will be your approach or the evaluator chosen? More empathetic and open to conversation or more objective?


Also, what do you want to measure?


Results within a period of time?

Behavioral performance and the search for results?

Your hard skills, soft skills, and your behavioral profile?

Or the critical success factors that enable you to reach your goals?

Define a valuation type

It's time to analyze your corporate structure and define which type of assessment best fits that context, according to the objectives of the People Management sector.


give feedback


You've already learned how important feedback is, right? In particular, the applicants — regardless of whether they are positive or negative.


This is a vital part of performance appraisal. Something primary in a matter of importance.


So, take a moment on the agenda and give your employees the proper return, with valuable content!


Establish a periodicity for performance evaluation


Think about it: shouldn't your team receive frequent feedback on their performance? There are no cons, only pros.


It's a way to connect even more with your employees, direct them in the best way and keep the whole team focused on their own goals, as well as on the company's goals.


So, remember to define more frequent performance reviews (at least 4 times a year).


Use technology to your advantage


Betting on technology gives the possibility to create a more complete performance evaluation.


There is no way to read and manage all data more accurately than with the help of a complete tool.


It is a certainty of results, as it allows for much more agility in the construction and development of your people management strategy.

Social networking sites: see 10 tips for getting along safely

The Internet is full of dating sites aimed at the public looking for love: ParPerfeito, Badoo, Tinder, and even Facebook. To know the ideal person in a safe way, it is necessary to take some precautions online. Check out Par Perfeito's tips and see if you're in line.


1) No fakes, real photos


The first thing to do is create an interesting profile. A profile with photos is 15 times more viewed. When choosing, prefer the current ones that truly show who you are, no fakes. Another important tip when creating an account on social networking sites is to use creativity and good humor in your description. This draws attention from future suitors. Also, the more information you put in, the easier it will be to find people who are close to you.


2) write well


It is important to be careful with mistakes in Portuguese and grammar. “It sounds silly and even obvious, but it's true. Making grammatical and/or spelling mistakes is bad in the eyes of those who read”, comments Deneneffe, an executive at the ParPerfeito website. You may visit for dating in Kenya Single Searching in Kenya


According to a poll carried out with 35,000 users of the online dating network, 60% think that writing and speaking wrongly is the most demotivating factor in the first contact with a potential partner. Therefore, try to review all the messages you write before sending them and consult the dictionary whenever there is any doubt about the correct spelling of a word.


Also, use the all-too-common Internet word abbreviations sparingly. Not everyone understands certain abbreviated terms.


3) Research about your crush


The Internet is not the safest place in the world to meet someone. However, it offers us excellent tools to get to know different people better: do a search on search engines about a suitor, enter the profiles she has on other social networks to confirm information such as place of work and/or study, who are the friends and etc.


4) Movement and action


Don't expect only others to initiate a conversation. Search profiles that you like and get in touch.


5) Be patient


Sent a message? Be patient and wait a few hours before charging back, as not everyone is 100% connected at all times. Sending multiple messages or persistently demanding a response can show insecurity and drive away your suitors.


6) Don't be too formal 


Formality and flirting are not two things that go together so well. The ideal is to transform the exchange of messages into something relaxed.


7) Stay focused


During the conversation show exactly what you are looking for. Staying focused and objective are great strategies for getting to know someone who really interests you and saves you time.


8) Give it time


Don't judge right away. First impressions may not always be right.


9) Distance can be positive


Don't give up on someone who lives in another city. Don't waste chances and bet on long-distance relationships. They can be fun and provide you with opportunities to travel.


10) Are you going to make appointments? Heads up


When making a date with a date you have been talking to, choose public places such as shopping malls, coffee shops, or restaurants. Make an appointment only when you get to know the person better.


Thinking about switching or starting to use broadband internet in your home? This is an option widely used in Brazil and has many benefits for those who need online access, whether to access social networks, do research and schoolwork, play connected with friends, or even work remotely!


As with any purchase process for a product or service, the search for a solution must be done in a planned manner, especially when there are so many suppliers and options available.


With that in mind, we have 10 points you should consider when choosing a broadband internet plan for your home! Check out:



First of all, it is important that you make an assessment of your usage needs. This helps you understand the access, upload, and download speed you should be looking for in the market. Also, consider how many people will use the service. We have some recommendations to help you understand your profile:​


1 mega internet: suitable for those who use the network little, just for emails, news, and social networks;


5 mega internet: best for viewing videos, light downloads, and video calling;

10 mega internet: suitable for those who are always connected, ideal for watching many videos, social networks faster;

20 mega internet: faster data loading, even long movies, and use for online games;

50, 100, and even 300 mega internets: aimed at those who have many connected devices (a family with many users, for example) and for uploading high-quality videos.

Remember that many plans offer unlimited access but reduce download or upload speed. So, ask about the difference in speeds for each plane. Also, always consider the number of people and devices connected to the internet to choose your plan. You may also be interested in "Cable TV network" here Whatsapp Sky



With the information set on what's right for you and a budget in mind, it's time to look for available options. For this, an online search and request for referrals from friends and family can be used. 


To optimize your search and make it easier to compare available companies, select only those that meet your speed needs and fit your budget. This makes it easier to choose between them.



With a reduced selection of options, the first thought is to choose the cheapest among them, right? Not always! The ideal is to choose the one that offers the best cost-benefit ratio, that is, the one that has the most advantage over its price. 


An example of this is two internet plans, the first offering 10 Mbps speed for R$120.00/month and the second offering 5 Mbps for R$100.00/month. In this case, it would pay to select the first plan, which offers double the amount of internet for just R$20.00 more. 



Do you know the data consumption limit that mobile internet operators use in their plans, that when it's over you can't use practically anything until your plan is renewed? Some companies are offering plans with these conditions for broadband internet in homes. Be aware of this so as not to select a plan that is limited, which can incur additional costs by purchasing more data for your home! 



Something very practiced by broadband internet companies is to offer promotional values ​​to new subscribers. Despite being very attractive, the cost of the plan is only valid for a certain period of time, such as two or three months, and this information is not so highlighted in the information provided. In order not to have any surprises, ask about the actual monthly fee.



Many internet companies also offer pay-TV and phone services as a bundle of services that often seem attractive. You won't have to worry about multiple companies and the account is just one. However, many of them require a minimum period of use to reduce the value and charge cancellation fees if you want to get rid of the service.



The reality is that we only realize the importance of support when we have a technical problem and the internet provider takes a week to resolve or does not respond during the weekends. In order not to be harmed, it is important to verify that the company offers quality support, with several contact channels and a team prepared to resolve faults quickly.



Another important tip is to look for references about the quality of the company, such as customers who already use the service, rating it on review sites such as Reclame Aqui or the company's Facebook page. Ask if the internet is good if network problems are common and if the service is efficient.



We often hire the internet service believing that the amount to be paid is just that, however, there are surprises such as installation costs or additional equipment needed. Some companies even ask for a plan membership fee, and all these costs, when added up, represent far more than the initial budget. Therefore, before closing with a supplier, ask about any amount that will be added to your payment.



There are some problems related to the use of traditional broadband internet offered by companies. It is dependent on energy to function, in addition to often the promised speed is not delivered and the customer pays for something they do not receive. As a solution to these problems, many people are choosing to use fiber optics.


Called internet at the speed of light, optical fiber has won the market because it does not depend on electricity to work and, mainly, because of the better quality of service provided, without a drop in the speed provided and technical failures that compromise its use.

From open TV to streaming: the evolution of audiovisual in Brazil

These days, it's hard to find a house that doesn't have at least one television. Since it became popular in Brazil, between the 1970s and 1980s, TV became part of the routines of most Brazilian urban homes. Over time came technologies such as VHS, DVD, and, finally, streaming. To understand how we got here, it is necessary to know the evolution of audiovisuals in Brazil.

And this is exactly the subject that Olé deals with in the text below. We'll tell you the story behind this evolution of audiovisual in Brazil — since the arrival of the TV until today — and, finally, show how streaming can bring opportunities for providers and other professionals in the field.

Read on and learn more!

A history of audiovisual evolution in Brazil


This story begins in the 1950s when TV began to consolidate in other countries around the world. Around here, at the time, few families had one at home, and television was considered a luxury item. It was only in the 1980s that the forerunner of television in Brazil, Assis Chateaubriand, made it more accessible. You may also be interested in "Cable TV network" here Tv por Assinatura

Open TV, which has been around for a few decades, has grown like never before. And the growth in the consumption of television content has gotten bigger and bigger. With the passing of the '80s and the arrival of the '90s, it was the turn of closed pay-TV to conquer its space.

As its name suggests, it required that packages be signed in order to have access to the content produced. Even though open TV was free, many opted for closed TV subscriptions — largely due to the differentiated content offered by the channels that were part of these packages.

In a short time, this became the standard of the Brazilian television content consumer. The 1990s and 2000s saw closed TV completely dominate the market. After all, it brought unique benefits that free-to-air TV could not compete with—especially the variety of channels.

That's when the beginning of the 2010s came and, with it, streaming. If closed TV allowed people to have access to more content, streaming brought the concept of on-demand, in which it became possible to watch any content at the desired time — something that pay-TV did not allow.

Today, to have an idea, streaming is already more consumed than closed TV — second only to open TV due to its greater accessibility.


Do not waste time; work with streaming!


And if you already work with telecommunications, especially if you are an internet provider, and want to take advantage of the success of streaming to increase your sales, know that this is possible!

Why London cab is the best taxi in the world

As it turned out, not everyone knows why London cabs are the best taxis in the world. Well then, let me tell you. After all, neither the famous yellow taxis in New York nor the beautiful red taxis in Hong Kong can compare with their London colleagues - whether in maneuverability or in passenger convenience.


Why the London cab is the best taxi in the world London, Taxi, Cab, Long Post

Most of the city's official taxis are cars of a rather peculiar form. With their rounded shapes, they resemble cars of the pre-war era.


Why the London cab is the best taxi in the world London, Taxi, Cab, Long Post

The city has certain requirements for cars that can serve here as cabs. These rules are quite specific and have existed since 1906. They did not change significantly - the biggest change was a decrease in clearance from 10 to 7 inches in 1927. Due to strict regulations, most taxis are cars of the same manufacturer. This company is called the London Taxi Company, it existed under different names since 1899, but at the beginning of the XXI century, it was bought piece by piece by the Chinese automobile company Geely Auto. This process was completed in 2013, and now LTC is wholly owned by the Chinese. Thames taxi


Why the London cab is the best taxi in the world London, Taxi, Cab, Long Post

The latest taxi model manufactured by the London Taxi Company is called the TX4. They have been released since 2007. According to the standard, cars can serve as taxis for no more than 15 years, which means that soon the whole fleet will be TX4. Although it seems that the development of TX5 is already underway.

These machines are beginning to purchase for other countries in the world. For example, they serve in Bahrain, Baku, Las Vegas, Singapore, and Ottawa. Why are they so good?

You won’t say anything about them, but, firstly: these cabs are incredibly agile. The diameter of their turn is only eight and a half meters. This is even spelled out in regulatory enactments on London taxis. The fact is that it is such a radius at the entrance of the famous Savoy Hotel. It is believed that any London cab should be able to turn around here.


Why the London cab is the best taxi in the world London, Taxi, Cab, Long Post

Secondly: the interior of these cars is incredibly spacious. There are high ceilings and low floors. There are numerous handles on the doors so that the passenger can hold on while driving, boarding, and exiting. In the back seat, three adults will sit in a row without any problems. 


Why the London cab is the best taxi in the world London, Taxi, Cab, Long Post

And if you are traveling together, you can generally fall apart impressively. Cabs are full of legroom, as they are specially designed for passengers. This distinguishes them from most other taxis in the world that use conventional passenger cars (such as Ford and Toyota), which give priority to the inhabitants of the front seats.


Why the London cab is the best taxi in the world London, Taxi, Cab, Long Post

There are two more hinged seats on the partition between the driver and the passenger compartment, which can comfortably accommodate two more passengers. In total, five people get into the salon. Taxi drivers do not take passengers to the front seat.


Why the London cab is the best taxi in the world London, Taxi, Cab, Long Post

It is unusual to ride with your back to the direction of movement, but there is no discomfort from this.

Why the London cab is the best taxi in the world London, Taxi, Cab, Long Post

In London, as in other cities of the world, Uber is gaining popularity. Moreover, unlike New York, it is much cheaper to ride it in the capital of England than by taxi. But with Uber, you will never get such a comfortable car, you will sit in the back seat of some recent immigrant. Cabs are like a business class in moving around the city.

In general, taxi drivers are a special guild. To become a taxi driver in London, you must pass a special exam on the knowledge of the city streets. Do not forget that London streets are confusing because their network has developed over the centuries! Compared to it, the flat road grid in New York is just a kindergarten. Drivers sometimes prepare for the taxi driver’s exam for years, acquiring the so-called The Knowledge, or “knowledge.” As a result, the vast majority of London taxi drivers are the indigenous inhabitants of the city, or at least the “real” British, because you can’t catch a taxi here a month after arriving in the country.


Why the London cab is the best taxi in the world London, Taxi, Cab, Long Post

Londoners call their cabs “black cabs”. This nickname dates back to the 19th century when cabs were wagons, and drivers were coachmen (remember, Sherlock Holmes liked to ride his own business.) Despite the “black” in the old name, cars can be of any color. Sometimes bright advertisements are glued to them.


Why the London cab is the best taxi in the world London, Taxi, Cab, Long Post

Today in London more than 20,000 of the best taxis in the world ride with the most polite and orderly drivers. I strongly advise you to catch one of them, if you will be there. The main thing is not to take a taxi to the airport, it will be sky-high expensive. And in the center, you can drive between 10 - 20 pounds. Many of them take credit cards, but not all, so ask in advance.